Enagic Kangen SD501

The SD 501 is one of the earliest models of the Kangen Water® LeveLuk series, and is still popular till this day. Maintenance is a breeze, and its built-in voice prompt notifies you when the filter is due for a change or when cleaning of the electrolysis chamber is in progress.

The SD 501 is built to last and will withstand the rigours of daily use even for larger households. Designed with durability in mind, its titanium plates are coated in surgical grade platinum, ensuring effectiveness with hydrogen production for maximal health benefits, and safety from metal corrosion that will last you for years to come.


7 Platinum-Coated Titanium Plates
☑ Large LCD Panel and Voice Prompting
☑ 1 High Grade Filter
☑ 1 Cleaning Cartridge
☑ Electrolysis Enhancer
☑ Diverters
☑ Instruction Manuals
☑ Produces 5 Types of Water:
✓ Ionized Alkaline Hydrogen-rich Drinking Water
✓ Purified Neutral Water
✓ Acidic Water (Beauty Water)
✓ Strong Alkaline Water
✓ Strong Acidic Water (hypochlorous acid)

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